32 ways wireless Web3 will give your app super powers.

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Web3 transaction mining is possible through proof of work algorithm “Proof of Distance”. This means even while you are developing on Overline you are earning $OL. No internet needed.

The proof of distance algorithm requires custom antenna technology that learns and listens to the EF band around you. This can be easily accessed over the SDK.

Here are a few ways proof of distance will change your life while safely and securely storing information on the Overline multichain.

•Unspoofable GPS for keyless entry.
•Indoor spatial recognition and geolocation for autonomous vehicles.
•Buy, sell, and use blockchains anonymously.
•Remittances and verified micro-lending to local entrepreneurs (Location
restricted ICOs).
•Provable gamification of geolocation (Pokemon Go)
•Prioritization of healthcare facilities (patients with emergencies identified
•Detection of viral infections.
•Hyper-local DAOs for the community.
•Anonymous Open Source ”Thing Finder” (Tile, Apple Tag)
•Workout Assistant (ability to identify users of fitness machines)
•Verified Viewer for television rewards based on attention
•Shipment auditing and anti-trafficking support.
•Holistic health and acupuncture session reporting.
•Real time contamination and pollution detection
•Location Based Sales Events (locals/loyalty rewards)
•Smart staff allocation based on hyper-accurate foot traffic data.
•Anti-theft object tracking
•Verifiable ”WAZE” type app
•Subway-proof internet connection
•ATM Fraud Protection
•Touch-free Payments
•Facade Inspection and Safety Detection
•Verifiable Certified User Permissions on large machinery
•Hardhat detection
•Military Infrastructure Maintenance Audits
•Automated Customer Experience (alarms, room temp, food/drink prefer-

•Verifiable Dynamic Group Pricing
•Improved Spatial Recognition for VR / AR Technologies
•Confusing But Interesting Additional Options
•Global array on 600Khz.
•Research and development of radio topography.
•Crowd control and crowd sentiment analyses.

// What are you waiting for try out the SDK.

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Overline is censorship proof unstoppable communication and financial services.